The "Stocking Stuffer" fundraiser was a success with 345 tickets sold! Thanks to all the members who pitched in to help make it a success.  Additional thanks to the Hamburg Sunrise, Hamburg Evening and E. Aurora Rotary clubs who so kindly helped us out.

Congratulations to the 1st winner in our "Stocking Stuffer" Raffle! John Mariano sold Alan White the ticket that was worth $1,000 on New Years Day.

Future winners can be found by clicking on "more" under this article


January  2nd:  winning number 693 sold to  Nicci Schimph by Denny O

January  3rd:  winning number 612 - was unsold - no winner

January  4th:  winning number 375 - sold to  Larry Roberts Cable by Denny O

January  5th:  winning number 115  - was unsold - no winner

January  6th:  winning number 520 - sold to Daniel Carini by Tom Sciolino

January  7th:  winning number 038 - sold to Mary Lou Radziwon by Don Maricle

January  8th:  winning number 582 - sold to Jerry Jakubzcyk by Stan Jemiolo

January  9th:  winning number 734 - sold to Brian Kearns - Denny O

January 10th:  winning number 483 - sold to David Walczyk by Bill Wagner

January 11th:  winning number 324 - sold to Britney Frayne by Tom Sciolino

January 12th:  winning number 407 - sold to Paul Roberts by Denny O

January 13th:  winning number 201 - was unsold - no winner

January 14th:  winning number 705 - sold to Joe DiMaria by Joe DiMaria

January 15th:  winning number 644 - sold to Scott Syracuse by Larry Adamy

January 16th:  winning number 013 - sold to Alan White by John Mariano

January 17th:  winning number 218 - sold to Jeff K by Tom Sciolino

January 18th:  winning number 151 - was unsold - no winner

January 19th:  winning number 449 - sold to Sandy Grant sold by Dave Heer

January 20th:  winning number 258 - sold to Kevin O'Brien by Stan JJ

January 21st:  winning number 212 - sold to The Hard Core by Tom Sciolino

January 22nd:  winning number 220 - sold to Jim Parker by Tom Sciolino

January 23rd:  winning number 106 - unsold, no winner

January 24th:  winning number 938 - unsold no winner

January 25th:  winning number 267 - sold to Jim Jemiolo by Stan Jemiolo

January 26th:  winning number 719 - sold to Steve Jasewski by John Mariano

January 27th:  winning number 950 - unsold, no winner

January 28th:  winning number 108 - unsold, no winner

January 29th:  winning number 357 - sold to Gary Phillips Jr. by Gary Phillips

January 30th: winning number 955 - unsold - no winner

January 31st: winning number 622 -sold to Ron Sansone by Dave Heer